Take My Tip

August 5, 2009


Take My Tip.

Bowie’s first original composition to be recorded, “Take My Tip” begins with faint promise: after a bass intro, Bowie starts singing in a mod-jazz style (the influence this time seems to be Georgie Fame). The word-choked lyric has the singer warning a friend to avoid some local femme fatale, but Bowie just comes off as a bit of a weedy creep. A sense of waywardness increases: guitars turn up (including Jimmy Page on rhythm) to muddy things; a sax doubles Bowie’s vocal for a few bars. All at once, without warning, something resembling a chorus is wedged in. The whole process is repeated once more for cruelty.

Recorded 8 February 1965; B-side, “I Pity the Fool.” (Early On).