How Lucky You Are (Miss Peculiar)

February 12, 2010

How Lucky You Are (Miss Peculiar).

“How Lucky You Are” (called “Miss Peculiar” on some bootlegs) likely came from the same songwriting sessions that produced the Peter Noone singles “Oh! You Pretty Things” and “Right On Mother,” but it’s hard to imagine Noone singing this one, a remake of “Under My Thumb” with additional doses of sadism: “When you sleep, you sleep by me…when you walk, you follow—two steps behind!”

It’s a cad’s anthem, its chorus serving to further rub Miss Peculiar’s face in it—I know I’m a creep, but you’re going to be lost when I walk out the door, the singer crows. The harsh waltz rhythms of the verses and outro give the performance a taste of cabaret (suggesting it may have started life as another Bowie tribute to Jacques Brel, though it also hints at Bowie’s future Kurt Weill tribute “Time”). An odd, unpleasant song that Bowie eventually abandoned.

Top: David Buckley, “Lovecraft Sex Shop, London, 1971” (Tottenham Court Rd.)