Links: Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9: Campaigner (1974-1975)


“Knock On Wood”
“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”
“Can You Hear Me”
“John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)”
“Young Americans”
“Shilling the Rubes” (fragment)
“It’s Gonna Be Me”
“After Today”
“Who Can I Be Now”
“Somebody Up There Likes Me”
“Foot Stomping/ I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”
“Across the Universe”

More: 1974 tour: Boston, Philadelphia, New YorkCracked Actor (Yentob, 1974); Dick Cavett Show full episode, December 1974; Joe Tarsia documentary clip; The Jacksons, recording at Sigma Sound, 1976; John Lennon, Tomorrow Show interview, 1975.

Chapter 10: The Man In the Tower (1975)


“Golden Years”
TVC 15” (SNL, 1979)
Wild Is the Wind” (Nina Simone)
Word On a Wing
Station to Station” (Christiane F)

More: The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976): Bowie’s first lines; Russell Harty interview, November 1975 (1, 2, 3); Dinah Shore, 1976 (interview); Kabbalah: The Ten Sefirot; Kirlian Photography; Peter-R Koenig, The Laughing Gnostic; Victoria Station footage, May 1976; 1976 tour: Nassau Coliseum, London.

One Response to Links: Chapters 9-10

  1. phyllisinpigtails says:

    in my imaginary world (or the memory stick in my in-car sound system), Young Americans was a glorious double album that include the outtakes and the live recordings listed above.

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