(Somehow It’s Still Not the) Last Xmas

Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Live Aid, 1985).
Bowie’s 2013 Christmas “Elvis” Message.
Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy.
Peter and the Wolf.
The Snowman.
Feed the World.

Well, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? I hope you’ve gotten through it fairly intact.

Not much to say except Merry Christmas to you and yours. Here’s to a safe and happy holiday season, and a hopeful New Year. I didn’t want to revisit my 2019 Xmas post for fear that I wrote something like “2020 is going to be a blast!” Let’s be modest in our expectations now. Perhaps the new year will surprise us. After all, Duncan Jones found the Snowman scarf again.

The blog keeps going at a slow pace. Check in once in a while—you might find something new! There will be two new posts coming relatively soon: one retrospective, one commemorative. The 64 Quartets blog also keeps going at a very slow pace; there’ll be a new entry there soon, too.

I did look back at the 2019 Xmas post after all, and what I wrote at the end of that one applies today: Happy Xmas, happy New Year, Happy “we’re still here, and doing okay.” Here’s to the future. Take care.


12 Responses to (Somehow It’s Still Not the) Last Xmas

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for continuing with the blog, Chris. I have received my copy of Glenn Hendler’s Diamond Dogs and have wrapped it and put it under the tree (sad I know!). I have also bought a ticket for the streaming of the English version of Lazarus on Jan 9th and am really looking forward to that. Happy Xmas and best wishes for a much better year in 2021.

  2. Marco Astolfi says:

    Dear Chris, I came across your blog more than five years ago. The entry was “Velvet Goldmine”, because I was doing some research about the movie and then I discovered such a big treasure and followed you ever since. Reading or re-reading your pages is always a pleasure and it has even helped me through rough times. It’s like a balm for the soul, even now that the paces has become slower. (I really enjoyed the Scary Monsters 40 year-annivrsary and Ashes to Ashes video entries). Thank you. Happy Xmas. Marco

  3. s.t. says:

    Thanks again for this, Chris.

    Other than this annual post, we never know when a new blog entry will come. So when one gets posted, it’s always a welcome surprise, always worth the wait. I’m really excited for the next 64 Quartets entry as well.

    Here’s hoping next year we can all make the most of the relationships and casual exchanges that are so often taken for granted, as we have learned this year.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

    Love ya, Davey Jones!

  4. djonnymac says:

    Always love it when this pages sputters to life (especially around this time of year when SO MUCH happened within a short span of weeks back in 2015), but mostly just that not only that this blog keeps going but that it keeps this community that I found years ago still together! Thank you Chris and happy holidays to you and all of you!

  5. MC says:

    Still enjoying all of your work, Chris, here and elsewhere. Merry Christmas to you and everyone on here, and to all agents sliding down the chimney. And a better New Year to all. Cheers, everybody!

  6. marta says:

    Hi everybody!
    Had checked some days ago and was wondering whether this tradition had ended … But, here you are, Chris! I’m happy!

    (Duncan Jones refinding the scarf and posting about it also fills me with joy)

    2021 has Ashes to Ashes waiting to be read. I bought it aeons (looks like it!) ago and 2020 was too weird to sit down and savour it…

    So, here’s to fresh and healthy beginnings!

    Love on you all!

  7. Greg Evans says:

    Merry Christmas Chris and everyone else. This remains my favorite blog ever. I dip in and out of the entires for re-reading. So thanks for that Chris

  8. suzyq1973 says:

    Hi Chris, Happy holidays and all the best for 2021! Can’t believe it’s been almost five years already without DB. Finally going to see ‘Lazarus’ for the first time on the Jan 8th. Thanks for sharing the news on twitter!

  9. BenJ says:

    I had a (hopeful) feeling that you’d be posting today. The blog continues to be an oasis, so I’m happy with this being the Not Last Christmas. Much happiness and hopes for a better 2021.

  10. Bruised Passivity says:

    Happy Holidays Chris and all! Here’s to a better new year and a better future.


  11. Michael Oryl says:

    New’ish reader here. Sad I missed it “real time”, but love the trove of entries I can now follow down numerous rabbit holes. Take care.

  12. Stolen Guitar says:

    All the best for the coming year, Chris!

    It’s always a pleasant surprise to alight here and see what new and unknown stuff you’ve uncovered about Bowie.

    And the Duncan pic was a pleasant reminder of that broadcast way back when…who knows, i mean, really? Who knows where the time goes?

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