Hey, Didn’t You Have a Blog Once, or Tentative Outcomes


Easter has passed and the most recent entry on this blog is its Christmas post. So, time enough for an update.

Here’s where things stand. I’m trying to finish the book in the next couple of months, with the hope of it coming out next year. Repeater Books, as always, has been very forgiving of my tardiness. A while ago, I determined that I had to go straight through and revise the whole manuscript before writing the final song entries, rather than periodically stopping revisions to write a new entry, as had been my original plan.

So I’ll be in the unusual situation of writing the last entries for the book before putting them on the blog. The book may well come out before some entries do. But at some point, they’ll all be up, or at least they’ll be available somewhere, in some form.

A few more things. I’ll be presenting at the Pop Conference in Seattle later this month, offering what’s essentially a remix/remodel of a few entries—mostly “Boys Keep Swinging” and “Criminal World.” And I’ll be getting down to New York to see the David Bowie Is exhibit before it closes, as I hope many of you have been able to do, too.

That’s it for now! Hope the spring is treating everyone well, and see you soon. (“Soon” being a relative concept on this blog, of course.)


37 Responses to Hey, Didn’t You Have a Blog Once, or Tentative Outcomes

  1. Tom says:

    Very good to hear an update – looking forward to the book!

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the best Chris. I’d been wondering how you were getting on. Looking forward to the book of the second half. Hopefully going to get to NY with my daughter, from Cambridge, UK.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, is there a preferred site to buy copies from? Also, and I’m sure this is getting ahead of things but do you still intend to follow up this project with the talking heads equivalent? Best wishes and all that.

  4. James says:

    Hey, is there a preferred site to buy copies from? Also, and I’m sure this is getting ahead of things but do you still intend to follow up this project with the talking heads equivalent? Best wishes and all that.

    • col1234 says:

      not really–just try to buy a “new” obviously as i don’t get anything from a used one. if you happen to see a copy in an actual bookstore, that would be nice to support ’em

      yeah, the Heads thing at some point, i think, but i really will need a break from doing any sort of project after this thing’s over

  5. alexandriadouillette says:

    Just take it as motivation comes – one word at a time. We’ll be here. 🙂

  6. BenJ says:

    Great photo, albeit one that shows DB in somewhat worrying condition. I’m guessing this is around the time of S2S?

  7. enochsoames says:

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next volume.

  8. djonnymac says:

    excited about the book and that’s the main thing isn’t it? blog updates whenever, but the work you’re putting in (and by the looks of the bowiesongs twitter entries of late, it’s been a lot a lot of research) is all for the end goal and that’s as I said before, exciting keep up the good work, be good to yourself and the rest of us will wait patiently.

    • ric says:

      basically, what he said, seconded

      • marta says:


        And, I’ve finally finished reading Rebel Rebel.
        What can I say? I wish I could write more about how it felt – but I’ll just say that what strikes me most (and what I love most) in Chris’ writing is how he presents DB’s work as a sublime mix of instinct, flaws and imperfections, intelligence, calculation, and a lot of hard, hard work, without feeling contemptuous.
        I read the book as a humanization of Bowie. It’s refreshing and, yes, sort of endearing.
        I don’t know if this makes sense, or what’s your interpretation, but, there you have it.

        I’ve read through the entries post-S2S, but am really looking forward to the book too.

        As always, thank you, Chris.

  9. Eduardo Villanueva says:

    Late May would be great for you to visit nyc for the exhibition, as I could bring my copy of your book and ask for an autograph. In any case, looking forward for a matching set soon.

  10. Ramzi says:

    Best of luck in finishing the tome, Chris.

  11. spanghew says:

    Glad to hear things are still moving forward, if slightly more slowly than anticipated.

    Looking forward to the book!

  12. Godspeed its publication, is all I can say!

  13. michele says:

    If you are going to the exhibit, check out our page on FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/1439271726128739/

  14. Ann K says:

    Thanks for the update, Chris. Your writing is always worth the wait. I hope you will post your impressions of the exhibit here or on Twitter. I’m planning to go early June, and looking forward to taking that in and revisiting some of your posts here – while anticipating the new ones.

  15. Chris Williams says:

    Well I’m happy to wait for the new book. I’ve re-trawled Outside and Reality over the past few months. I also invested in the Matthew-Walker “Theatre of Music” book. He loves Tonight!! And doesn’t write a word about “Rebel Rebel”.

  16. crackedemerald says:

    If you’re in Brooklyn this June, our paths may cross.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad all is well. I eagerly await the new book. Love on ya!

  18. Stolen Guitar says:

    Lent my copy of Rebel Rebel to a friend who’d previously been sceptical of Bowie and his ‘purported’ importance to popular culture…well, I can’t get it back! He’s reading the book to a playlist of the songs and has completely recanted. He now ‘gets it’! Where once there was only darkness…ha-ha!

    And he loves your words just as much as the great man’s music, Chris, which for me, at any rate, would be my cue to just stop and bask in the glory of it all!

    But not before you finish the book…!

    Good luck crossing the finishing line.

    PS And enjoy the show in NYC. I’ve missed it in lots of its previous locations, most obviously London, but finally caught it in Barcelona last September. Brought a lump to my throat…so glad I experienced it. I can’t believe this is its last stop, and that it won’t resurface somewhere else in the near future. It’s just too great an exhibition to simply lose forever.

  19. Martyn Watson says:

    You seem to have ignored our discussion on the B2B/Moodswings mix history. How come? M

    Sent from my iPhone


  20. Simon Dale says:

    Really enjoyed RebelRebel Chris can’t wait.

  21. Jonesing says:

    Hoping I will be able to make it to your presentation at the Pop conference. I live somewhere south of Seattle.

  22. Chris says:

    What a great blog! It’s a wonderful combination of head and heart. Hope you get what you need to pull the rest together. You don’t have to give everything away.

  23. Ramona says:

    Very much looking forward to the new book Chris. Your writing style is unparalleled in its scope and insight. It is such a rich wellspring of scholarship and substance. I’m drawn again and again to re-visit previous entries and each time I come away with a new and deeper understanding of the many complex layers (and contradictions) of DB and his towering life’s work. I’m sure like so many others here, I’ve sifted through the analysis in hopes of discovering “David Jones” who I feel is still so elusive and concealed (by his own design) somewhere deep within his songs but will never be fully revealed.
    You have produced such a prodigious and provocative analysis of Bowie and his canon that I’m sure it attracted DB’s attention during the final decade of his life. I’m equally sure that “Sailor” read every single entry with keen interest and wry amusement. In my opinion Chris, he was mightily impressed.
    Looking forward to more to come. You have given life and breadth to our man. Thank you for that.

  24. s.t. says:


  25. matthew says:

    Always worth the wait, volume 2 has been on my next birthday/Christmas list since I got Rebel Rebel! Thanks for the update, best wishes.

  26. Martyn Watson says:

    We did chat a few years ago about the B2B/Moodswings Nite Flights conundrum but nothing seems to have changed on your blog (so I’m guessing in your book too) in regard to correct credits/mix details etc. Seems odd.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • col1234 says:

      yes, after yr first email i went back and discovered what you were talking about (this was something you said in 2012–rather a while ago). i simply forgot to change that information on the blog and have deleted the incorrect reference.

  27. Zoé says:

    This is a lovely photo of DB – I’ve never seen it before. I’ve never pictured him typing – only scrawling things on paper. Or floors – lol…

    I love your blog. I didn’t see the option to sign up for posts earlier (when I first read it after Mr.Bowie passed). So I’m happy I can/will get your posts to my inbox. A book will be perfection ❤

    • Zoé says:

      *Also I’m going to see the NYC/Brooklyn Bowie exhibit (God willing) – because I live here. I was going to get one of the limited edition Metro Cards but I didn’t feel like fighting the mob (as I am getting older & battle weary). xx

  28. MC says:

    Thanks for everything, Chris. Look forward to all of your upcoming work. Cheers!

  29. Stang says:

    Good luck getting everything finished Chris. I’ve so enjoyed reading your writing here over the years even tho I’ve only commented once or twice…
    Perhaps if you write your talking heads blog (& I VERY much hope you do) I’ll get round to posting ‘more thoughts about buildings & food’!
    Thanks for everything.

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