It’s No Game (Part 3): The David Bowie Poll


So, how do we end a blog that’s been running since July 2009? With a reader poll, that’s how.

(“But what about Blackstar, Chris?” Well, Blackstar can wait. Maybe late summer or fall 2016, whenever it works out.)

I’d like to ask you for your favorite Bowie songs and albums. Your top 30 songs, top 10 albums, to be precise. You send them in; I compile them; the ones that get the most votes wind up in “Bowiesongs’ Top 50 Best Bowie Songs” and “Top 10 Bowie Albums,” which I’ll put up in January, once the song entries are done.

You’ve plenty of time. The deadline is Monday, December 7, which does mean that there will be time to put the “Blackstar” single into your top 30. Sure, bump “Sweet Thing” for a song that came out like a week ago; it’s your call.


Any song that was sung, written or performed by Bowie qualifies, from “Liza Jane” to, yes, “Blackstar.” Bowie’s James Brown covers? Fine. “Rupert the Riley“? Hell yes. The songs he wrote for Ronson? Yes. The Leon suites? Absolutely but be specific about which one(s). The fragment heard in a documentary? Why not? Peter and the Wolf? OK, you sentimentalist. A song that the blog didn’t even cover (but book 2 will)? Sure. Here’s an incomplete list of Bowie songs. Here’s another. Also check out all the categories on the right-hand side of the blog. The “Chapter Ends” entries might give you some good tips.

What doesn’t qualify: songs that Bowie only produced (Lou Reed’s Transformer, Mott’s All the Young Dudes LP, the non-Bowie-written Iggy Pop songs (yeah “The Passenger” is borderline, given DB’s prominent vocal, but for the sake of consistency it doesn’t qualify)), songs that Bowie only played saxophone on, and misidentified bootleg songs he actually had nothing to do with.


It’s simple enough. Send me an email at Put in the subject line: POLL. Then list, either as an attachment or in the email itself, your top 30 Bowie songs and your top 10 albums. Each song will receive one point except for your #1 song, which will get 5 points. So choose your #1 wisely. Same with albums: 9 albums get 1 point, the #1 gets 5 points.

Please don’t do the thing where you can’t decide, and so you send in like 53 songs with a bunch of “ties.” Be brutal, people. 30 songs, 10 LPs only. The 50 songs and 10 albums that get the most points as of the deadline make the cut.

Even if you’ve dropped off reading this blog but come across this post—send something in. It’s my way to honor the readership that’s built up over the years. To misquote Chrissie Hynde: “you call the shots, and I’ll follow.”

Additional stuff that came to mind after I wrote this:

* Multiple versions of songs that weren’t fundamentally changed in their remakes count as one “entry” (“China Girl“, “Space Oddity,” the Toy remakes of “London Boys” et al). All versions of “Memory of a Free Festival” and “It’s No Game” and “Cat People” etc. get totaled up in one entry per song.

* Songs that were substantially rewritten count as different entries. “I Am a Lazer” and “Scream Like a Baby,” the two Candidates, ” “Tired of My Life” etc.

* “Sweet Thing–Candidate–Sweet Thing” is one song.

* “John I’m Only Dancing” and “John I’m Only Dancing (Again)” are two different songs.

* The Iggy Pop rule: if an album by another artist is produced, performed and majority-composed by Bowie, you can list it as an album. Why you’d want to include an Iggy Pop album in your Bowie Top 10 is another story.

134 Responses to It’s No Game (Part 3): The David Bowie Poll

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha. That will be fun. Thanks for all the effort you’ve been putting on this blog, Chris. We never will be thankful enough.

  2. col1234 says:

    more stuff:

    “Sweet Thing-Candidate-ST (Reprise)” counts as one song.

    Multiple versions of a song count as one. So Iggy and Bowie’s “China Girl” get added together, etc. The Toy versions of the ’60s singles get added to the 60s singles (but will specify which versions got which points)

    I’ll likely list the 51-100 winners as well.

    • President Joan says:

      “ST-Candidate-ST counts as one song”. Heh. Ka-Ching! A thrilling three-piece. Also, gives room for the amazing Alternative, which I only recently discovered.

      Thank you very much for your fabulous blog, Chris. I am rediscovering so many songs. And gaining new insights into songs I’ve listened to a thousand times.

  3. Galdo says:

    Hahaha. That will be fun. Thanks for all the effort you’ve been putting on this blog, Chris. We will never be thankful enough. I hope the top30 didn’t get too obvious with ‘The Laughing Gnome’ getting the #1.

  4. Brendan O'Lear says:

    So now I know why we skipped Steeleye Span!
    I’m assuming Candidate can be included twice?

  5. fantailfan says:

    Somebody at that joint (Wikipedia) should be able to make a list of songs recorded by David Bowie; I did it for R.E.M. Of course, David Bowie has been recording songs since I (and Michael Stipe) was three, so it’s probably a larger undertaking.

    I have recently been listening to the Bowie canon during drive time (two albums per commute) so I should be able to come up with my list by the end of the week. Right.

    • patr100 says:

      Chris already linked in his post to Wikipedia’s listing of over 250 Bowie songs, although it may not be complete you are a liberty to add to that list.

      • fantailfan says:

        I was kidding. It took me two months to finish the R.E.M. song list page, which consists of 299 songs, 128 of which have their own page (as against 255 for Bowie).

        The list I just created from the Wonderworld site (which includes boots and remixes and Toy) has 718 entries.

  6. fluxkit says:

    I sent one too, but I’ve been thinking about this already.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If Bowie (co-)writes and performs on a significant/majority portion of an album, does that count as a Bowie album for the poll? For example, could one list the Lust for Life album?

    • col1234 says:

      a hard call. We’re talking about the iggy albums, basically. I’m tempted to disqualify them from albums as they’re under someone else’s name, but for poll consistency, if “Nightclubbing” qualifies, than the album should.

      so abritrary decision: albums by another artist produced & majority composed by Bowie qualify. So the 3 Igs: Idiot, Lust and Blah.

  8. rufus oculus says:

    This should be good. The Bowie Wonderworld site has a list of all his songs in alpha order. They have even uodated the list to include Blackstar.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “* “Sweet Thing–Candidate–Sweet Thing” is one song.”
    That about sums it up, doesn’t it.

  10. Maj says:

    Oh god. I can’t.

    This will probably kill me. Well, a few rockstars were already dead by my age…if I should be killed by anything it might as well be Bowie’s genius. Right?

  11. Mike F says:

    Just say Gnome!

  12. Bruised Passivity says:

    Would you believe that I’ve been pondering these lists (top albums/songs) since I began reading this blog nearly 3 years ago! At least with a deadline in place now I will have to finalise my selections. Albums will be pretty easy but individual songs are going to be tough. You’re right Chris, this is an excellent way to cap off this fabulous blog. 🙂

  13. KING GOD says:

    When we’re picking best album, do we take bonus tracks into account?

    • col1234 says:

      huh. good question. What does everyone think? Having grown up with the Rykos I tend to think of “Some Are” and “Sweet Head” as being part of their respective albums.

      just to clarify: no matter what edition you’re thinking of, there is only one version of the album in the survey. So every incarnation of David Bowie, from original 1967 14-track LP to recent reissue with another CD full of bonus tracks, will be listed as one David Bowie in the survey.

      • patr100 says:

        Original release under their original album names (Uk or US ) according to wikipedia or whatever Bowie reference ( eg Pegg?) you like to cite ? Some of us grew up with the vinyl releases.
        So addons for all but the first release might turn up as a favourite track. Eg Low had a first original track listing but sg “Some are” was left off the original release for a reason even if it was mostly lack of vinyl space. Same for TND though space was not such an issue.

      • Paul O says:

        Hm. Young Americans (the original vinyl) has always been high on my list, but it shot up even higher after the Ryko reissue, to the point where I now consider it the “real” version…

      • steven says:

        I think the only album that counting bonus tracks might change the ranking for me is Young Americans.

        Not really sure what my gut says, probably may as well include bonus tracks and keep it loose.

  14. gcreptile says:

    So… Sweet Thing is your 30th favorite Bowie song?

    • col1234 says:

      i have recused myself from voting in this thing. My #1 would have been “Queen Bitch” of course.

  15. sjfk1612 says:

    Do the Leon Suites (Name/Leon/Enemy) – count as an album of sorts, as distinct from Outside itself? Or does every Outside effort, album and outtakes, count together as one output?

    • col1234 says:

      I would say that Leon (the three suites that were bootlegged) is a separate entity from Outside. Two different albums.

  16. adaptation says:

    Long-time reader finally compelled to comment by this contest. Just to clarify, do remixes made by other people qualify? Does it make a difference if the remix is official/”authorized” (ie. the James Murphy remix of Love is Lost) or not? (ie. the Aphex Twin remix of “Heroes,” which as far as I know Bowie liked but didn’t specifically commission.)

    • col1234 says:

      yes they do, but any remixes will get added to the totals of the original song. So the Murphy “Love is Lost” + regular “Love is Lost” = “Love is Lost” in the survey (i will note how many votes the remix got). I’m just trying to keep this survey remotely manageable–having to deal with multiple remixes of songs as separate things is just potentially insane.

  17. Name says:

    Fame and Fame ’90… Two different songs? One song?

  18. steven says:

    Might be a stupid question but is Baal counted as an album? Generally treat is as such and it’s definitely in the ten Bowie projects I play the most.

  19. Name says:

    Are Compilations albums? There are great ones out there, even better than the “regular” ones.

  20. Aloysius says:

    What about the live-stuff. Are David Live, Stage, Ziggy MP, etc albums for the poll? What`s about live bootlegs, album or not?

  21. Maaike says:

    This is fun! (And hard.) Hee hee hee, ha ha ha….
    PS Maybe us readers should poll the top 10 most excellent posts on this blog! Would love to know which posts got to you most…

    • col1234 says:

      most popular posts? by far the “Dancing in the Streets’ one—was getting like 7000 hits a day at one point. & not one of my best works. like kicking a lame elephant.

      • Maaike says:

        That’s surprising! I actually meant which of your posts readers loved most. Where Are We Now, Slip Away, the Walker Trilogy (I presume)? There are some wonderful essays on the blog. I love the pieces where a song lifts the story to something bigger. Thank you for those 🙂

  22. Ramzi says:

    Just to clarify: are we doing favourite songs/albums or ‘objectively best’ songs/albums? The fate of Hunky Dory hangs in the balance…

    • col1234 says:

      the stuff you love. hence the bonus points for your faves.

      that said if you felt like voting strategically, what I see happening already is a coalescing around a few pretty obvious top songs. but there’s a second tier right underneath of some unusual and fun choices. So go with your obscure fave—for all you know, you might boost it up.

      • fantailfan says:

        You put your finger on it. I have been noodling the strategic angle (which is a great help when I’m trying to pick 30 out of ~640). Since I don’t have anything prior to his second first album, and can’t bring myself to buy any Tin Machine, that cuts it down a little.

        I have finished the albums list. As for the songs, I want to pick 40, choose 30, and rank them. The 24 I have picked so far (but not ranked) include a few personal choices, but the rest are a standard Bowie’s Greatest Hits compilation. I’m trying to avoid that.

      • patr100 says:

        At first sweep this has been pretty simple for me , if I choose my personal faves with heart as well as head , rather than try to be more objective about covering his entire output, many the usual suspects I am sure but so far I’ve got about 15 songs mostly from the 70s, including a couple from later albums but Mr Bowie I am holding you as I always have, to the highest artistic standards. Narrowing down the albums to 10 or even less wont be difficult but for the 5 pointers for top album and song will be between a couple at least that might for me go either way, so trickier.
        Might be an interesting generational difference between results for those who found him later in his career?

  23. mikael says:

    Surely Cat People are two different songs, the great soundtrack version and the not so great Let’s Dance one?

    • col1234 says:

      no, all Cat People votes go to one thing. i’ll try to note how many went for each version but this poll is me and an Excel spreadsheet, so cut me some slack.

  24. s.t. says:

    Fun! I’ll have to think on those.

    Also, I wonder what a list of “Best Bowie Lyrics” might look like.

    Some suggestions:

    1) Man she punched me like a dude
    2) Wiggle in the middle, yeah
    3) Speak in extremes, it’ll save you time
    2) You are! A permutation. You are! A patois.
    3) You I switch the heat on when you feel my golden shower

  25. Anonymous says:

    Blimey….choices choices…Oh wait…Lets Dance (Extended Bollywood Version) natch 😉 replaces Magical dance (Danny S Magic Party remix) in my top three…or does it….????

  26. neils0n says:

    How about guest vocals on tracks? Reflektor, Mick Ronson’s cover of Like A Rolling Stone, that Scarlett Johansson album, TV On The Radio, et al?

  27. Anonymous says:

    But Blackstar can’t wait till late summer or fall, dear Chris. Sorry.

  28. Thin White Duke says:

    Thanks for all these years of Bowie and good reads. God Bless You

  29. londonlee says:

    Now that’s a challenge

  30. Paul O says:

    Wait, Chris–why are the two “Games” different songs?

  31. sunray jahchild says:

    (yeah “The Passenger” is borderline, given DB’s prominent vocal, but for the sake of consistency it doesn’t qualify)

    I thought China Girl was Borderline

  32. patr100 says:

    Has this been mentioned? If a live version is substantially different and (in some opinions\) possibly better than the studio version eg Loving the Alien was reworked later. Would these count as separate entries?

    • col1234 says:

      no. that could apply to dozens of Bowie songs, which would be madness. Also, all you would do by segregating “Loving the Alien (Reality Tour Version)” is to ensure it got nowhere near the top 50.

  33. Stolen Guitar says:

    Great way to sort the followers out by age and date…70s casualties like me presumably loading the lists with the ‘golden years’ (which is surely guaranteed at least a top three ranking?!).
    Great way to sign off, hopefully not for good, and thanks for the reinvigoration, Chris. You’ve reminded me just how important all this music has been to me.
    So, I’ve asked before: can you now turn your genius to Roxy and Ferry, please? Ha-ha!

    • fantailfan says:

      I was a teenager in the 70’s, but I followed prog, then skipped to new wave and punk. The last DB song I remember from the ’70s was “Golden Years”; I was briefly aware of “Let’s Dance” but never bought any Bowie albums until 1990, when I bought ChangesBowie. The first Bowie album I bought was “Heroes” in 2005. The rest followed (except Tin Machine).

      In 2005, DB wasn’t on my list of top 30 artistes. In 2015, he is my third favorite (going by song count). He is just different from all of my other faves ( as with Peter Gabriel, who is also on his own). Bowie and my #1 share only a liking for covering (different) Velvet Underground songs.

      Bowie is basically incompatible with most of my musical likes, and I suspect most people’s. It’s hard to fit his songs into my chronologically-based popular music soundtracks. “Rebel Rebel” and “Young Americans” are the only ones that work. Bowie had problems putting “‘Heroes'” onto the album; as you say, he just stuck in the middle and let else everybody figure it out. I can’t find a place for it in any of my “mix tapes.” Could anybody else say that about their #1 favorite song?

      The toughest thing about making this list is judging Bowie against Bowie. I like some because they are, well, less Bowie than the rest, and others because they have an extra heaping of Bowie. It’s the ones in between that are hard to judge. Start with “‘Heroes'” and try to keep the ’70s count down to a reasonable number. (#2 may be a dark horse.) I should have this done by mid-November.

      • Stolen Guitar says:

        Hmm, fantailfan, that’s interesting. My friends and I were directly led to punk by Bowie and Roxy, but I know some disaffected proggers and rockers were attracted to punk’s rawness and vitality, as opposed to the relative sterility of records that were produced to within an inch of their lives by musicians with great(er) pretensions. Long interminable and, no doubt, virtuoso solos by all the individuals in these bands were among punk’s favourite bete noires! Hence the iconic status of Shelley’s genius two note solo on Boredom.

        I guess it doesn’t matter how you get there (or here); it’s the experience and enrichment that matters, and we’ve all of us here been very profoundly affected by Bowie’s ever changing directions.

        Afraid I can’t, or rather won’t, be able to keep my list out of the 70s; the whole decade is absolutely chock full of treasures and even though I acknowledge that he produced some truly great late material ( Slow Burn), you can’t just excise a 70s masterpiece to try and reflect a chronological or historical narrative line. Five out of the six on StationtoStation alone could all easily occupy top ten slots…this is not going to be easy!

      • Paul O says:

        I was a ’70s teen addicted to Bowie, but also obsessive about prog, R&B, top 40 radio (which could be a lot more challenging than contemporary AM/FM radio) and show tunes. Which makes a certain sense, I guess. Scary Monsters is the only work not from the ’70s that made it on to either of my favorites lists.

        Since only the #1s on both lists get extra points, I’ve decided not to rank the 30 songs the way I’m ranking the ten albums. It’s impossible. I’ve got a #1 song, a runner-up and the rest listed alphabetically in two groups (Top Tier and Classics). I also have honorable and dishonorable mentions, because I couldn’t resist, even if no one but Chris and I will read them.

        But I’m not submitting until I’ve re-read both lists five or ten more times…and the Blackstar single is released, although if Where Are We Now? and Sue couldn’t crack the top 30, I doubt it will be able to.

      • Paul O says:

        Actually, a track from the ’60s made it to my list, of course.

  34. fantailfan says:

    I should have read the rules more carefully: Ranking doesn’t count after #1. No longer agonizing over where to rank “Under Pressure.”

  35. NiggyTardust says:

    col1234, would you be so kind to post the complete ranking in the end, not just top-10/top-30? If not if the main blog, then somewhere ouside, with the link in the comments?

    • col1234 says:

      sure. maybe on the Tumblr or something

      • AlonInSeine says:

        Chris, would it be possible to post the complete ranking in an Excel file? It would be nice to see for example how many post 1985 songs made it and other statistical analysis ( which would be easy if you also have an Excel with that data).

      • col1234 says:

        yeah, i’ll try to share that when i’m done.

  36. princeasbo says:

    Listmaking: the last refuge of a scoundrel. Looking forward to it! 🙂

  37. steven says:

    this is so hard.

  38. jopasso says:

    Well, I’ve got “Heroes” as an immovable and stony number one.
    Now, I’ve got to choose another 29 among a list of 100 candidates.
    It will take some time

    • Paul O says:

      And – at the moment – “Heroes”* isn’t even in my top 30. This is fascinating. 😉

      • jopasso says:


      • fantailfan says:

        Right now “Strangers When We Meet” is my favorite Bowie song, which is a sign that I listened to ChangesBowie a long time before I ever bought any of the albums.

      • Paul O says:

        I get that, actually (even though I listened to “Strangers” a lot after owning the albums). But it, like the recently heavy-rotation “Your Turn to Drive,” ultimately did not make the my top 30.

    • Anonymous says:

      I personally don’t see how one could choose something other than “Heroes” as his best song. It’s towering, transcendent, essential Bowie. But favorite song is a different question. I admire the song “heroes” greatly and if someone not acquainted with Bowie asked me to say what his best song was, “Heroes’ is the one — but I actually have greater personal affection for a couple other songs on that same album, not to mention the rest of his catalog.
      Which is to say I’m not sure it would make my top 30 either. Weird.

      • Paul O says:

        “I personally don’t see how one could choose something other than ‘Heroes’ as his best song.”

        As long as “Life on Mars,” “Space Oddity,” “Station to Station,” “Young Americans” and (last but far from least) “Changes” exist, I can see how. All four are in my top 30, but none of them made it to the #1 spot. As you say, “favorite song is a different question.”

      • I agree. For me it’s a no brainer. “Heroes” by a mile.

    • roobin101 says:

      Whatever merit Heroes had for me was destroyed when it was appropriated for Britain’s Annual Soldier Love Fest – proof, amongst other things, that hardly anyone listens to the lyrics.

    • Lux says:

      I told a young coworker to stop singing along with the lousy cover of Heroes coming over the Muzak because it was an insult to the original. She didn’t know it was a cover.

  39. I would be interested in seeing our writer’s Top 10 Albums and Top 30 tracks at some stage.

  40. Anonymous says:

    There can only be one album and one work of art.
    Diamond Dogs; Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)
    I am stubborn about very few things.
    But come on

    i guess we could cruise down one more time
    with you by my side it should be fine

    and jump in a river holding hands


    I mean come on. Invoking Burroughs and Rechy and Orwell? This suite and the album as a whole is like a religious experience.

    And that is all!

  41. NiggyTardust says:

    I have narrowed my initial 250 song list to 100. Starting from 150 every choice was a battle, I can only imagine how much harder it will get as I go further

  42. claws-on says:

    Obviously “Never Let Me Down” will be #1 album. You may as well close the poll now.

  43. I just sent my entries. It was less difficult than expected, and I’m pretty sure about them. But I’d like to pose one question: what about ties? I’d prefer that you would not allow them on the final list, but I’m sure they’re going to happen. So, how to break them? Song/album with the most #1s goes first?; or song/album with the most voters goes first; or song/album with the highest ranking average goes first?, or a combination of some/all of these or other criteria… I don’t really care about the system, but I think you should have one…
    Best wishes to all!

    • col1234 says:

      yes, I think the fairest thing would be that the song in the tie that garnered the most #1s gets the boost over the other song. Unless they both have the same number of #1 votes. then hell, I dunno, maybe i’ll flip a coin.

    • Paul O says:

      I currently have two ties on my albums list: the ranking goes 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 6, 6, 6, 9, 10. Problem solved. I wouldn’t mind if the poll produced ties, as long as the list remained ten albums and 30 songs. The asterisks (most #1 votes, most overall mentions) are always interesting.

    • Alon Shmuel says:

      The better song will go first

    • NiggyTardust says:

      I think pushing the song with most #1 votes up in case of a tie is unfair. Too big difference between being #1 and just a top-30. If two songs have the same score but different number of #1 slots, that means the lower-ranked song is actually included in the list by at least 9 people more than higher-ranked song.

      • col1234 says:

        i have to confess I don’t understand your last sentence.

        If there is a tie at 50, I will list both songs. If there is a tie for, say, 20, I will note each song got the same amount of points but put song-with-most-#1-votes “before” the other tied song. Ok?

        This poll is meant to be fun, first and foremost. Niggling over hypothetical future scenarios is going to become very tiresome, very quickly.

      • pauloutlaw says:

        If I understand correctly, he means that both “20 x 5 = 100” and “100 x 1 = 100.” So, for example, if a song only showed up on *five* people’s lists but as their #1, it would be as highly ranked as a song that only showed up in the lower 29 of a *hundred* people.

        But that is how the cookie would crumble, as they say.

      • pauloutlaw says:

        Sorry, twenty people’s lists (not five).

      • col1234 says:

        ok that makes some more sense.

        again, i can’t emphasize this enough. This is a list of top 50 Favorite Bowie songs, as per readers. Not the Top 50 Best. Not the Top 50 Songs By Bowie You Need To Know. Top 50 Favorites.

        the bonus points accorded to the #1 votes are a wild card. They are, cruelly, meant to make you really think: what Bowie song do you love the most?

        so if there is a tie and a song with more actual votes is beaten by one with more #1s, I’m okay with that (though as I said, the “losing” song will still be listed and will be included in the top 50 if the tie is at #50). The latter song is *loved* by more people. It means more to more people. That’s the game, pretty much.

  44. Alon Shmuel says:

    I can’t believe you’re doing this to yourself, Chris 😦

    • col1234 says:

      why? it’s no less absurd than writing about every single David Bowie song in chronological order

      • Alon Shmuel says:

        That’s a good point ! 🙂
        Although I assume that writing the blog is a bit more fulfilling than managing a large Excel spreadsheet.

  45. henry_8 says:

    Chris-If only the number one song/album is worth 5 pts&all the others one pt,then I assume we only have to indicate our 1st choice,and the rest in no specific order;is that correct?
    All the Young Dudes is okay isn’t it,as written by Bowie?

    Waiting for your 2nd book………!

    • col1234 says:

      1) yes, exactly. all that matters is you tell me what yr #1 is. you can put the rest in alphabetical order, random order, whatever.

      2) All the Young Dudes absolutely qualifies—& Bowie did a version too, remember

  46. I’ll be very curious to see which songs get no votes at all.

  47. Paul O says:

    LAZARUS songs will also be eligible, as the new ones will be performed foe the first time in front of an audience on November 18:

    • col1234 says:

      well, yes. If you want to include a song that’s only been sung by actors to a relative handful of people in New York, and has no recording other than (possibly) a surreptitious cel-phone taping, you are quite welcome to make it one of your top 30 Bowie songs ever.

      • Paul O says:

        Simmer down, tiger, that wasn’t exactly the point.

      • col1234 says:

        do you think i’m honestly upset? come on, man. was just pointing out the slight absurdity of someone picking one of those songs for this thing.

      • Paul O says:

        Well, the reply did come across a bit testy. My point was just to express my excitement that a few more new Bowie songs are arriving soon, right before the poll deadline in fact–a neat coincidence. I don’t honestly expect anyone to include any of them in a list, but I do wonder if anyone reading this blog will get a chance to see a preview of LAZARUS before it opens December 7.

  48. Unpopular 'Pinion Pete says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everyone claims that Aladdin Sane, Low, Heroes, etc are some of Bowie’s greatest work. I just don’t see it. Heroes is a mediocre album help up by a great B-side and a few decent a-side songs, while Low has an interesting yet very samey A, and from what I can gather, the same song for 25 minutes on the B. Aladdin Sane is in general a massive disappointment. I can’t see any merit in the title track at all, Panic in Detroit is dull, and to a slightly lesser degree so is Watch that Man and Drive in Saturday. Don’t even get me started on Jean Genie. Only saving graces are Cacked Actor, Time, and Lady Grinning Soul.

    And what’s all the fuss about Station to Station? I mean, the title track is amazing, but the rest of it is “good” at best (except Stay, that’s great)

    I absolutely love the rest of his 70’s work (all of it!) Scary Monsters, all of his 90’s work (okay, I don’t “love” hours) and his 2000-2016 is terrific. Just those few enigmatic albums that seem to get universal love are met with nothing on my end.

  49. Oedipal_Eye says:

    Col when is the closing date for these.

  50. President Joan says:

    Chris! Thanks again for this wonderful blog and for this fun but difficult task!

    I’ve manged them down to 30 and 10 now. Will check ’em tomorrow and then send. It has been very illuminating. I didn’t realize how much I love Aladdin Sane … oh, I meant Scary Monsters … Wait …

    Damn! Seems I’m not finished After All. Right. I’ll get back to you.

    Right! 😉

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