“New Books in Pop Music”

New Books in Pop Music Podcast

A quick note: sorry for the delay in new posts, but the next one’s a big one: it should be out this week.

Last week, I did an interview with Rich Schur on the New Books in Pop Music podcast. Take a listen and see you soon.

And if you haven’t bought the book yet, it’s available on Amazon and many other places.

9 Responses to “New Books in Pop Music”

  1. Starperson says:

    SO MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT POST!!! (Sorry about the capslock, just so excited about the next, probably very thoughtful history-connecting-to-today-post. Now I’ll go back to my chair and wait.)

  2. Sky-Possessing Spider says:

    When it started taking so long to appear, I guessed that you’d be penning some monumentally long piece about that day we all woke up to find David singing a mournful song atop a double-headed dolls body.
    Knowing your ability to scratch out the stories behind the story though, I’m guessing you’ll somehow fill us in on how Bowie spent his quiet years, wandering the streets of Greenwich Village, record shop browsing, and what he was watching on telly.

  3. s.t. says:

    Chris, you’ve got a perfect radio voice. You should do podcasts.

  4. Joel Anderson says:

    It will be worth the wait I am sure.

  5. Galdo says:

    Oh, wait? There will be no End of Chapter Ten (2000-2012)?

  6. Galdo says:

    But the chapter nine was essentially the best of ‘Hours…’ and ‘Earthling’… Ok, I gave you one more reason to not do it.

  7. This is a good listen. You know your Bowie 🙂

  8. Zak says:

    Hi Chris,
    Here’s a short song I don’t think you have for the second book …

    Waita .. A snippet written for DB’s visit to a Maori marae (meeting place) in New Zealand 1983
    Song at 3m here (audio only) ..

    (This is an extract from a radio documentary which can also be heard here … http://samcoley.com/?page_id=728 )

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