Happy Xmas (Blog Is (almost) Over, If You Want It)


Bowie’s 2013 Xmas “Elvis” Message.
Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy.
Peter and the Wolf.
The Snowman.
Feed the World.

It’s become an annual tradition. I put up a Christmas post and say “well, this looks like it’s the last Xmas post on the blog” and then the thing keeps going for another year. Some of this is due to a slowdown in the posting rate, some of it to Bowie’s penchant for releasing new songs. But barring another Bowie album in 2015, this is the last Christmas post of the blog’s “primary” life. (It will have an afterlife of sorts, and so probably more Xmas posts.)

Next year will see the end of Reality, the “gap” years, The Next Day and (yes, a PLUG: GET USED TO ‘EM) the publishing of Rebel Rebel in March.

Previous Xmas posts have reshuffled a small set of Bowie holiday material: the 1977 Bing Crosby duet, his intro to The Snowman (1982), his cameo on the Band Aid B-side “Feed the World,” and Peter and the Wolf  because it’s fun and sort-of wintry. (Some links above will transport you back to past Christmases, like a Narnian wardrobe.) But this year we have a new toy in the pile: Bowie’s Elvis impression of a holiday greeting, broadcast last Boxing Day on Radio 6’s This Is Radio Clash.

Thanks to all readers, past and present. Thanks especially to all commenters, who manage to be civil, funny, sharp and enthusiastic, qualities that much Internet interaction often lacks.

Happy holidays: see you early in 2015.

Snow Bowie GIF from Consequence of Sound.

35 Responses to Happy Xmas (Blog Is (almost) Over, If You Want It)

  1. Patrick says:

    I reckon those somewhat untypical clips of DB with an Xmas flavour give a hint of the kind of family entertainer he might have fully become had his original Laughing Gnome/Anthony Newley infuenced persona taken off. Always an actor perhaps, but what remarkable cultural and musical riches we would have been deprived of.

  2. Maj says:

    Happy Christmas/Holidays/whatever, Chris & everyone!.

    I have to say this year, well, last week I was quilting a teddy bear for my friend’s smallest daughter and had my Xmas playlist on (which features mostly the Killers, really…they have 9 of them by now!), but for the first time in my life, when Peace on Earth came on it almost moved me to tears. Well, not almost.
    Getting old.
    Also 2014 has been a particularly rough year for peace on Earth, so…

    Looking forward to the book…will be fun to compare the blog entries with the book ones.

    Also looking forward to what we have left on this blog next year.

    So, everyone, don’t stress yourselves, don’t eat too much, don’t let your new presents kill you and see ya around in 2015!

  3. M and D says:

    Merry Merry Christmas Chris

  4. Hey! says:

    Merry Christmas, keep working on your blog and your book and of course, thanks a lot for what you have done already!

  5. crayontocrayon says:

    All the best Chris and all. May 2015 be a successful year of shilling (rubes and otherwise)

  6. Ezekiel Benedict says:

    Christmas blessings to all, the blog is great and I am sure the book will be even better

  7. Sky-Possessing Spider says:

    Merry Christmas everybody.
    I hope Bowie comes back with a scorching triple album next year, and this blog goes on forever.

    • MajorTomCat says:

      Nothing personal, Chris, but I’m afraid that SPS expresses the (not-so-secret) feelings of many (all?) of us.

      Merry Christmas, merry holidays everybody!

    • StevenE says:

      I’m assuming that Chris’ll plough into someone else’s career straight after finishing Bowie.

      My vote’s for Robbie Williams.

      • Sky-Possessing Spider says:

        Robbie Williams eh? Well, Chris did say that he appreciated humorous posts. But if he was to plunge headlong into someone else’s career to fill the yawning chasm left behind when this blog expires, I reckon Lou Reed’s vast musical/lyrical output is worthy of critical analysis.
        Or maybe Crazy Frog or The Wombles…

      • StevenE says:

        He could do Mary Margaret O’Hara, because it’d take about a week.

        On that note, MerryChristmas

  8. s.t. says:

    Happy holidays all!
    Chris, thanks for another great year of posts.
    Looking forward to see how it wraps up, but so sad to see it end as well.
    Oop, must be something in the air, or something in my eye…

  9. Jack Womack says:

    Chris, this has been one of the best blogs on the Internet since you began it (and I would have, and will, say the same about Locust Street), and again I look forward greatly to the book.

    The Cortlandt St. station, mentioned in your last NYC post: I could have sworn the walls were a glazed orange, with blow up photos of downtown NYC in the late 19th/early 20th, but a photo I found online suggests I am wrong about both. The vagaries of memory.

    I remember how pleased I was to see your Xmas shoutout two, or three years ago. Many thanks for that again, and many thanks for your wonderful writing.

  10. Ididtheziggy says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for another year of this Chris. And thanks to all the commenters for making this such a great place to come visit.

    • Stolen Guitar says:

      Happy New Year to the great community of like-minded, but not blind minded, followers of our glorious creator’s canon…err, that’s Mr Jones, of course!
      Good luck with Rebel Rebel, Chris, and here’s hoping you’ll do for Ferry and Roxy what you’ve done for the Dame…well, I can dream, can’t I?

  11. MC says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all. Cheers! Looking forward to a final dose of Reality after the holidays.

  12. Momus says:

    Dame is (almost) Pushed-Ahead-Of (If He Wants It).

    • StevenE says:

      looks like we just witnessed the birth of volume 5, coinciding with the arrival of Christ, appropriately enough

      • StevenE says:

        tbh the phrasing here is so unclear that he’s either announcing a new project or just casually saying he’s looking forward to listening to some music on NYE

  13. Galdo says:

    Hey, happy holidays everyone!

    trivia: Until this post, there was only one with a gif image – Be My Wife. (I guess).

  14. Pete Smith says:

    Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish you a happy holiday and New Year and thank you for this brilliant site. I love how comprehensive it is, being able to read a whole article on even some of the more obscure Bowie songs is real treat. I’m sure I’ll be picking up your book soon!

  15. Bruised Passivity says:

    Happy 2015 everyone, and a belated seasons greetings! Warmest wishes for all my fellow Bowiefiles out there and sincere hopes for a fantastic literary year to come Chris! 🙂

  16. Alexandria says:

    Happy New Year!
    Been following this blog for a year now (and because I am paranoid and appreciate it so much, archived it every now and then)… really a treasure. If that book ever comes out, it’s right up there with the other Bowie essentials like Strange Fascination (as the best biography), Any Day Now (best documentation of the Early Years) and The Complete David Bowie… not as a rival, of course. While Pegg’s book is more “technical” (when was it recorded etc), you’re my go-to source to see and understand references. Please, please, PLEASE release it 😀



    P.S. how long will it take from the date when it’s finished to see it in the stores?

  17. Alexandria says:

    Hello Chris,

    it’s me, again. I’m sorry to bother you but I just was devastated to look (a bit more awake) at the amazon link and discover that the book doesn’t cover everything? Will there be multiple books or is there a chance on having one complete bible one day? 😀



    • col1234 says:

      yes–only goes up to 1976 for a number of reasons (space, primarily) but I promise the sequel will come fairly soon, in a year or two.

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