Xmas Grab Bag

Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy.
Feed the World/The Snowman.
Peter and the Wolf.

Well, I’d hoped to get through one more song before the new year but it’s likely not going to happen. Christmas has crept upon us rather without warning. This is a suitable end to the slowest-paced year of this blog’s short life. Where in fleeter days, I made it through The Man Who Sold the World through the end of Station to Station in a year, in 2013 I made it from Leon/Outside through…about half of ‘Hours.’ The main culprit has been this brick of pages as shown here, which should be ready for public consumption fairly soon.

Please have a fine holiday and thanks for sticking around. I greatly appreciate, as always, all commenters and anyone who’s had a kind word to say about this project (whose final year could be 2014—we’ll see how it goes. If Bowie puts out another album……)

All best,


21 Responses to Xmas Grab Bag

  1. Ramzi says:

    I’d also attribute the fragmented mess of Leon to the slow pace.

    I started reading about this time last year, and it’s been thoroughly enjoyable. Here’s to next year (and Heathen)!

  2. Sykirobme says:

    I just started reading this year; the pace has given me ample time to catch up and absorb a lot of this blog!

    I know it’s been said before, but I find it refreshing to find well-written music criticism whose author has a demonstrated knowledge of music theory!

  3. MC says:

    Merry Xmas, Chris, and to everyone on this blog. Cheers!

  4. Galdo says:

    I started reading this year too (I discovered this site around that post about finances – which I just skipped). It’s been very exciting to wait and try to guess what’s the song the next post will be about. ‘Something In The Air’ is a great song to finish the year. There’s a lot of material here, I intend to read every post in this site. It will be hard, but surely an amazing and interesting journey. Thanks for your give us this amazing site, and I hope you have an amazing xmas and an even more amazing happy new year!

    P.S.: It would be so nice if Santa Claus leaked the actual Leon tapes (and Contamination sessions if I’m not asking too much) for us! That would make my xmas very happy!

  5. Brendan O'Lear says:

    Always good to see Bowie and Bing up there again. Is this the third time? Fourth? Anyway, it gets better each time. Hope there’s another one next year.
    Congratulations on making that book you’re writing just that little more solid.
    Best wishes to all

  6. crayontocrayon says:

    Have been reading a long time but only recently ventured into the comments(where there is also a great deal of informed criticism). A wonderful blog and soon to be essential book I’m sure. Merry Christmas!

  7. Jeremy says:

    The brick looks great! Can’t wait to read it. Ah, Bowie, what would we do without him?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas Chris!

  9. Ididtheziggy says:

    Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks for a great year of reading, Chris. I know we all appreciate what you. Do here for us and giving us this wonderful forum to interact and discuss all these great songs and “Tonight”. It’s been a blast watching the comments for each song grow in number.

    Looking forward to another year with all of you.

  10. Maj says:

    what a nice brick. reminds me of my thesis after I printed it out, two copies. πŸ™‚ good luck with it Chris! πŸ™‚

    and to you & everyone else reading this: happy Christmas & all the best in 2014. x

  11. Sky-Possessing Spider says:

    Have a real cool yule everybody (as Bowie would say)

  12. Remco says:

    Happy holidays everyone, and Chris, many thanks for another year’s worth of fabulous posts. Can’t wait for the book.

    • Bruised Passivity says:

      Wishing everyone a great holiday season. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to continuing our fantastic voyage in 2014. The “brick pic” got me excited, I am really looking forward to holding the finished product in my hands someday (soon?)

  13. Thanks for all of the work. It’s been very interesting! I’m looking forward to the book(s) as well.

  14. spanghew says:

    Looking forward to the book (first part of two? three?) – haven’t been commenting as much recently but still reading! a/k/a 2fs

  15. sigmata martyr says:

    Happy New Year everyone!
    It feels like 2013 evaporated in a puff of smoke…

  16. steg says:

    Like Spanghew I am not commenting a lot lately, and like him I am waiting to have your efforts on paper.
    Needless to say, if you split your opus in two or more tomes you will be able to publish the first while still working on the remaining part(s) (irrespective of David Bowie future plans).
    I will be surprised if Nicholas Pegg will not publish a new edition of his work in 2014, but you don’t need him now.

    Incidentally, somebody in Italy published a book “in the style” of yours and refers to your website/blog as an effort of many persons. Even more incidentally, I am NOT going to buy that book.

    I do hope you will be able to include in the book(s) some of the pictures which appear here.

    A Happy New Year to everybody.

    Steg at http://steg-speakerscorner.blogspot.com/

    • col1234 says:

      it is only part one! If the complete blog was published as a single volume, it would look like one of the later Game of Thrones books.

      are you referring to the Peter Doggett book, which is another song-by-song Bowie thing (I think he only covers the ’70s—have not read it for fear he’s found more interesting things to say than I have)? or something else? If only this website was the work of many persons: it would be a lot easier to produce.

      • steg says:

        Nope col1234, I am referring to a book written in Italian commenting DB lyrics, it’s around 575 pages, the author is a certain Francesco Donadio and the title is Fantastic Voyage.



  17. s.t. says:

    Merry Gnostic-Buddhist-Occult-mas, everyone! Thanks once again Chris for the excellent writing. Keeping the pace slow at least prolongs the inevitable end.

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