You Better Stop

You Better Stop.

An outtake from the Tin Machine II sessions in Sydney, “You Better Stop” (its bootleg title) is another Hunt Sales blues, here dominated by dueling cock-of-the-walk guitar licks. Reeves Gabrels apparently cut multiple overdubs, as the various guitars in the solo all seem to be his, which suggests “Stop” had evolved beyond a studio jam and was being considered for inclusion on the record. At first I had thought it was a version of Sonny Rhodes’ soul classic, but its lyric, a barely-audible string of blues cliches, is different and at one point Hunt cues the band with “bridge!” So evidently “Stop” is a half-completed original, and it has as much going for it as the two official Hunt-penned Tin Machine tracks.

Recorded ca. September-October 1989, Studios 301. Unreleased.

Top: “Doublejeopardy,” “Thailand, 1990.”


10 Responses to You Better Stop

  1. david says:

    I’m glad he did at two. Still, something about the guitar sounds like an outtake from the Bolan/Bowie sessions, and if I had to chose-I’d say this over the other two horrors any day.

    Still sh*te though.

  2. A Hunt Sales song that doesn’t make me want to rip my own eardrums out. Nice.

  3. piffle says:

    Christ, this Hunt guy really knows how to annoy people, doesn’t he?

  4. Diamond Duke says:

    As per usual with Hunt, not exactly awful, but hardly what you’d call essential either. Pretty much a meat ‘n’ potatoes blues rocker without any particular defining features – unlike Stateside and Sorry, which at least stick out (for better or for worse). Rather forgettable, really…

  5. PH says:

    Well Chris, unlike Needles On The Beach and Exodus I won’t be pestering you for a copy of this one anytime soon, tee-hee

  6. Pinstripe Hourglass says:

    So, it’s unanimous. Hunt Sales is the worst thing about Tin Machine.

    • tin man says:

      Hunt is a fucking good musician & his Memorial belongs to humour, you should be cooler with that man, guy!

  7. Mike F says:

    It is interesting to ponder what’s the worst thing about Tin Machine. Tin Machine had anti-synergy where they were less than the sum of their parts. So the worst thing about Tin Machine may be Tin Machine.

  8. Maj says:

    Um. Some of it reminds me of a slowed down version of Jack White’s Cover of I’m Shakin’. I suppose that why I don’t hate it. 😀
    Guess it’s basically because it’s made up of some classic oldschool blues/r’n’r chords or something.

    • Jacques de Molay, the hunt Sales Memorialist from Beyond says:

      Jack White recently claimed in an interview with Duff McKagan his love for Hunt Sales, the Drummer… without moderation.

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