Feed the World.
The Snowman (David Bowie introduction, 1982).
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (David Bowie and Bing Crosby, 1977).

Merry Christmas! Here’s a grab-bag of vintage Eighties Bowie holiday cheer, including his brief but dramatic appearance on “Feed the World,” the B-side of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and his introduction to The Snowman, a sweet, sad winter cartoon from ’82. And I’ve included the Bowie/Bing clip because I am required to by law (the track was already covered here).

That’s all for 2011. Thanks to everyone for reading. Thanks especially: Owen Hatherley, Agata Pyzik, Tariq Goddard, Jack Womack, Bowietweet, Ian McDuffie, Amy Granzin, Stephen Ryan. Thanks: Harry McCracken and Ryan Gilbey for the kind words. Thanks to all the regulars in the comment section, who have the rare traits (on the Internet) of disagreeing politely, being funny and being generally top-class. Thanks, as always, to David Bowie himself.

This is getting soppy. Enough: go drink. Back next year, with DB’s adventures in the movies (yes, this includes Labyrinth), the slight return of Iggy Pop and the reign of the Glass Spider. We’ve got another year-and-a-half left to run, most likely, so I hope you stick around.

I am far too modest to nominate any of my own stuff, and I have little objective sense of what pieces are better than others (well, I know what the real stinkers are), but if you feel like it, please feel free to offer nominations for the Best Music Writing 2012 here. This would be for anything that ran in 2011, so from “Sister Midnight” to, sadly, “God Only Knows,” and includes entries on all of the Berlin records, Scary Monsters, Let’s Dance and Baal.

Top: Lucy and Jake wish you happy holidays. Not too long ago, Lucy and Jake couldn’t be in the same room together without freaking out, but now look at the beasts. Take hope. Happy Xmas. Photo: the talented SEP.

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  1. bcr says:

    Thanx for all your wonderful writing and insights…Looking forward to much more of the same in 2012! Happy Holiday to you and yours!

  2. David L says:

    Ditto. Cheers!

  3. Pinstripe Hourglass says:

    Merry Christmas every one! As a Christmas present, have this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boTY_7VYoYU long lost footage of Bowie performing “Jean Genie” on “Top of the Pops” with the Spiders. They only discovered a recording still existed a few weeks ago, I believe.
    And I’m very much looking forward to another 15 months, Chris. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Jeremy says:

    Have a great christmas and all that! Thanks for a great year of Bowie writing, it’s helped keep the Bowie action going when there’s nothing from the man himself. Last night, well into a bottle of red wine I remarked to my friend and my girlfriend that I had realised that I do something Bowie related every day in some way or another, probably helped by this blog. Great to have the quality enthusiasms going on into middle age! There you go – Bowie keeps you young!

    Thanks for the link Pinstripe…

  5. ian says:

    Oh, no no no, thank you! Quite excited for the emergence of the Goblin King in the new year!

  6. MC says:

    Merry Christmas, Chris, and to all the participants here: cheers everybody!

  7. Jaf says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you (and everyone else on here) and thank you for providing us with the best blog on the entire internet.

    You’ve brightened many a dull day in the office with your writing in 2011 and I’m looking forward to it continuing in 2012.

    All the best

  8. jopasso says:

    Merry Christmas to everybody.
    And wow! 15 months of more Bowie. Great!

    Great lost footage of Bowie performing The Jean Genie.
    I wonder if any lost footage of the Thin White Duke Tour is hidden somewhere. Who knows?

    • Pinstripe Hourglass says:

      I would LOVE it if they found lost footage of that tour; all the photos are so beautiful, and the only video I’ve seen is grainy rehearsal footage. Thinking about it, the minimalist set up of the tour and Bowie’s costume probably work best with still images, but dang, I would still love to see some footage.

  9. algeriatouchshriek says:

    Yey. Happy Christmas everyone.

    I’m going to see if Mr Walloff Domburg fancies a nice mince pie or going to watch the young grow up all electric.

    Have a lovely 2012. x x x

  10. Jack Womack says:

    And thank you for some of the best cultural writing in general being done today, above and beyond the Bowie-specific.

    I tell everyone to check Locust Street as well, otherwise they don’t know the tenth of what they’re missing.

  11. Remco says:

    Merry Christmas everybody, and thanks Chris for not leaving us with ‘God Only Knows’ for the holidays.

  12. Here’s a lovely HD rip of the BBC’s glittering treasure already mentioned http://youtu.be/lVVw6NyQL1U Thank you for the gifts of your hard work and literary brilliance on this site. I rarely comment but I never miss a post, and I’m so excited waiting for all the wonders to come.

  13. Pinstripe Hourglass says:

    Have a very glam Christmas, everyone, and a fabulous New Year.

  14. Carl H says:

    Also: Thanks to David Bowie!

  15. Frankie says:

    Belated holiday greetings due to head-cold.

  16. Diamond Duke says:

    Happy Holidays, everybody!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought some people might find this interesting. It’s just something I’ve been steadily working on ever since I started to build up my David Bowie CD collection last spring. It’s a 14-disc anthology (or non-linear hyper-cycle) of my favorite David Bowie tracks. I originally started out with much more modest aims – believe it or not – but it slowly started to flesh out and expand to absurdly elephantine proportions! I will eventually post this listing on http://www.zenrunningorder.org when the time is right – which is the main reason why everything is listed the way it is. I don’t have time right now to put everything in boldface and italics, but I think you should get the idea. Please let me know what you think! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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