Winter Chaos Delays

Hi all–

For those blissfully unaware of the latest awful New England weather, this past Saturday we were blessed with a pre-Halloween snowstorm. Since then I, like hundreds of thousands of others, have had no power, heat, phone or Internet. But I am doing okay—the beer keeps cold enough when stuffed in a snowbank, and you can still light burners on gas stoves with kitchen matches.

Thankfully our second home Anselblue Design Studio finally has power/Internet restored as of this morning. But no new entries until next week, most likely. I’m truly sorry to leave “Shake It,” of all things, as the current face of the blog, but what can you do.

For those of you out there still without power—hang on and keep warm.



17 Responses to Winter Chaos Delays

  1. Brendan O'Lear says:

    I wonder how many other people are going to turn to this entry, like me, excitedly looking for some previously unearthed Let’s Dance era treasure entitled “Winter Chaos Delays’. The title was suggesting something like a Nile Rodgers produced ‘Some Are’.

    Hope you keep warm and the snowbank keeps the beer cold.

    • col1234 says:

      thanks-!–yeah, Bowietweet actually reposted this as if it was a song, so probably some confusion. “Winter Chaos Delays” could be a Low-era (or Outside era) title, certainly….

  2. Jeremy Earl says:

    Sounds like it could be a demo from his legendary ‘lost era’ 2004 to…?

    Stay safe. Conversely we had or second really hot day of the fast approaching summer here in Perth australia – 33 celsius. Last summer was the hottest on record. How I long for snow!

  3. diamond dog says:

    Stay safe and stay warm sir. Let’s hope the next entry is a better song or the break gives you enough time to muster something good about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You missed a chance to say ‘hang on…to yourselves’. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Pinstripe Hourglass says:

    I suppose this is as good as time as any to say that as much as I’ve enjoyed reading the entries in this blog, I’ve also enjoyed getting to know each of you.
    I was 11 when Bowie last released a studio album. Like many people my age I got into Bowie in high school and discovered him in bits and pieces – Ziggy here, Let’s Dance there, then “Changes” and Station to Station and Berlin and all that. So, I’ve never really lived Bowie, so to speak. And reading all of your stories, and just descriptions of the era (the discussion a while back about Bowie’s reputation amongst the different subgroups of the late ’70s was fantastic) has been absolutely enlightening.
    Bowie’s fans are almost fanatical in dedication, and are diverse in age, opinion and taste on a scale that reflects the man who started it all. I’ve grown more and more convinced over the past few years that the Bowie fan community is one of the greatest out there, and this blog and the people who read it have just provided me with more evidence to that conclusion.
    So keep warm, Chris, and keep up the good work. Thanks for creating this great blog and giving all of us a place to gather.

    • Jeremy Earl says:

      Nice sentiments and you are absolutely right. Did you get to see his show on that last tour?

      • Pinstripe Hourglass says:

        Nope. I’ve never seen Bowie live and probably never will. One of my biggest regrets, no lie. If he ever tours again I will be first in line.

      • Carl H says:

        I’m almost like Pinstripe, except that I’m a bit older and was 18 when I was going to see Bowie for the first time 2004 at a festival in Denmark, but he cancelled just some hour before the gig and they flew in Linking Park who was on a tour nearby as “compensation”. Compensation not worth the meaning of that word I say!

        I hadn’t really discovered the genius of Bowie back then even if I had my suspicions of it. Anyway, that was probably my last chance to see the man and I did my best to as he was a reason to book the festival ticket in the first place. This bugs me still to this day, 7 years later

    • David L says:

      Well said Pinstripe.

      By the way, is your name a Bowie reference? Took me a while to realize that “Brendan O’Lear” was from an early Bowie song.

    • David L says:

      Well said Pinstripe.

      By the way, is your name a Bowie reference? Took me a while to realize that “Brendan O’Lear” wasn’t the name of some Bowie fanatic living in Dublin.

      • Pinstripe Hourglass says:

        My name? No, it’s just a combination of two of my favorite words. I chose them because I thought they sounded nice together and because it makes me pretty hard to confuse with some other internet handle.

        Though I was once called “Pristine Hourglass” which I loved.

  6. col1234 says:

    while you’re waiting, Marcello Carlin’s reached Diamond Dogs in his survey of UK #1 LPs:

  7. David L says:

    Ha! I’m located in Connecticut, and just now finally got Internet back. So I came right here, of course.

    For some reason, I assumed you (col1234) were located in England.

    • col1234 says:

      nope. Easthampton, MA (home of Lloyd Cole and very near the home of the sadly divorcing Thurston Moore/Kim Gordon.) My dad drove through some of western CT last weekend and had some horror stories about transformers lying in the road and blasted tree limbs everywhere. Hope you’re okay–

      • David L says:

        Sorry for the late reply, internet has been spotty since the power went back on. Doing fine, thank you. That was quite a night. Like the distant sound of artillery, except it was trees exploding in the night.

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