All Saints

All Saints.

The lesser of the two official Low outtakes, “All Saints” may not be from the Low sessions at all. There’s no reference to it being cut at Château d’Hérouville or Hansa in 1976, and it easily could be from the “Heroes” sessions in summer 1977. Or even later: some of it may have been recorded around the time of its release in 1991. The title is anachronistic enough, as it’s a tribute to Brian Eno’s record label, founded in ’91.

My guess is that “All Saints” is a few fragments from either/both the Low and “Heroes” sessions that were processed, diced up and smeared together by Eno and/or Bowie some time later. “All Saints” is initially striking and mixed well, the piece centered on a pulserate of a synth line while washes of sound come and go: a distorted guitar riff here, a secondary bassline there (the few suggestions of melody are in the basslines). It’s ominous enough but ultimately static and a bit dull. If “Some Are” is essential, this is a dubious footnote.

Recorded ca. 1976-1977, recorded and mixed in 1991 in Montreux. First released on the Ryko Low reissue, 1991, and later on the Bowie instrumental compilation of the same name.

Top: Tanner, Jonah Who Will Be 25 In the Year 2000, 1976.

5 Responses to All Saints

  1. Joe the Lion says:

    I listened to this earlier today, funnily enough. I think familiarity has made it listenable but I agree that this is most likely not part of the Low sessions – I don’t hear any common link, whereas Some Are sounds akin to other Low era tracks. I do like All Saints, strangely enough. I’m just not sure *why*.

  2. Jeremy Earl says:

    From Some Are:

    Bowie is said to be assembling a deluxe reissue of Low, which presumably would include some of these mysterious bittersweet songs. Yet the release date of this epic reissue regularly gets pushed into the future (it originally was supposed to come out in 2007), and the chances that any new material will appear on it are…low.

    I remember reading that When the Ryco version of LOW was being prepared Bowie went back to the LOW era tapes fully expecting that there was great unreleased tracks there but being disappointed by what he found – a lot of sketches and fragments. That’s probably why All Saints sounds cobbled together and why nothing else has emerged since. Still, as a Bowie fan I’m ever hopeful.

    I’m not sure why I like this track either. 🙂

  3. diamond dog says:

    I like it and I’m glad ryko put it out there of the 2 tracks used as extras this one does have some textures from the sessions but sounds like its been worked on after the event.

  4. Joe the Lion says:

    (Ryko also put out that really bad Sound and Vision remix, too. Good call on Some Are and All Saints, nonetheless!)

  5. Pierce says:

    Sunds very much like 1991 to me. Good observation. Nice track though.

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