A (Mercifully) Brief Self-Notice

It turns out that my post on “Space Oddity” has, bizarrely enough, made the cut for “Other Notable Music Writing of 2009” in the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2010.

I’m very honored. Thanks very much to whoever submitted the thing, if it was submitted, and thanks to whoever decided on it (Ann Powers? Daphne Carr? we’re not worthy, in any case).

Happy Thanksgiving!


9 Responses to A (Mercifully) Brief Self-Notice

  1. b r says:

    Great job! I enjoy your posts very much.

  2. Sarah says:


  3. p dantico says:

    I’m not surprised; excellent writing and a joy to read!

  4. giospurs says:

    Fully deserved, and hopefully this helps more music-lovers find the blog.

  5. Deacon Lowdown says:

    Congratulations. I recommend this blog to every Bowie fans I meet – your writing is outstanding.

  6. snoball says:


  7. Jeepster says:

    Great job! I love your blog, it’s the only one I’ve managed to follow.

  8. sekaer says:

    well deserved — congrats!

  9. Steve Ison says:

    I’ve wanted to read every single peice you’ve written here..Its an absoloutly fantastic,inspiring blog-Best thing on Bowie i’ve ever read..On a par quality-wise with Ian MacDonalds ‘Revolution In The Head’ for The Beatles

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