The Astronettes Songs

I Am a Laser.
People From Bad Homes.
Things to Do.
I Am Divine.

Before Bowie recorded the bulk of Diamond Dogs over three days in January 1974, he had been trying to get a “soul'” vocal trio off the ground. This was the Astronettes, who consisted of Bowie’s new girlfriend Ava Cherry, his longtime friend Geoff MacCormack (aka “Warren Peace”) and the unaffiliated Jason Guess.

Bowie abandoned the project once Diamond Dogs took on steam, though he kept the Astronettes as his backing singers. He scrapped the proposed Astronettes record in part because of management-related shenanigans, but it was also obvious that the patchy material wasn’t commercially viable. It was sketchwork, but necessary sketchwork, as it turned out: Bowie couldn’t have gotten to Young Americans or arguably Station to Station without these first false starts.

Some of the surviving tracks were issued decades later and merit a listen if only out of curiosity, as some of Bowie’s Astronettes compositions are ancestors to his later songs. The promising (rhythmically, at least) “I Am Divine” is the first draft of Young Americans’ “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” “People From Bad Homes,” with a needling keyboard whistle for its main hook, seems bottom-drawer material. Bowie liked the title enough to use it in a later lyric, but seems to have discarded the rest of the song.

“Things To Do” is in woeful debt to Santana, while the Astronettes, in what one can only hope was a scratch vocal, manage to sound off-key and clumsy, with Cherry colliding with her partners.

The best of the lot was “I Am a Laser,” which Bowie would rewrite a half-decade later as “Scream Like a Baby.” It’s Cherry’s best vocal of the sessions—she manages to find dignity and power in a lyric that has her promise “you’ll feel my golden shower” and call herself the “black Barbarella.” Cherry would have a frustrating career. She was a talented, adventurous singer who was relegated to the margins (both with Bowie and later with Luther Vandross); she seemed destined to make a breakthrough record, and never did.

All tracks were recorded in London from 3 December 1973 to 15 January 1974, and were finally released on the semi-official bootleg People From Bad Homes in 1995.

Top: Cherry and Bowie at the 1980 Floor Show, October 1973.

6 Responses to The Astronettes Songs

  1. As a novelty and as a demonstration of Cherry’s underrated abilities, I Am a Laser is worth listening to once, since it not only gives a taste of Bowie’s future direction but also of how tuned into the burgeoning disco scene Bowie was. But my word, these are some of the worst lyrics of Bowie’s career, and it seems almost sadistic he would give them to someone he ostensibly cared for. The first time I listened to the astronettes tracks I was very surprised- the tone of some of the biographies suggest Cherry was a mediocre talent whom Bowie helped out of attraction, and clearly she was more than that.

    • In addition, Bowie dedicated the ambivalent “Win” to Ava… strange song for a lover. Almost taunting.

    • Pollyanna S says:

      Agreed. Horrible song – I’m wondering if it was inspired by Bowie’s (thankfully short-lived) ‘Pork’ obsession? Doesn’t suit Ava’s voice either.

  2. s.t. says:

    Just listening to these now, fascinating stuff.

    I can hear “Somebody Up There Likes Me” in “I Am Divine,” but I really think of this as the first draft of “1984.” The scratch guitar is an obvious similarity, but the vocals also bring to mind the lines “Some day they won’t let you, now you must agree…”

  3. fluxkit says:

    Ah, and the precursor to my least favorite Bowie moment, the cover of “God Only Knows.”

  4. Pollyanna S says:

    (By “horrible song” I mean ‘I Am a Laser’).’Win’ I can deal with – I obviously have no idea what went on between Bowie & Cherry but from things she’s said it seemed quite intense and complex relationship.

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