Friday On My Mind

Friday On My Mind (The Easybeats, 1966).
Friday On My Mind (Bowie).

The closest Pin Ups comes to karaoke, “Friday On My Mind” features Bowie’s most bewildering vocal of the record, an acidic blend of his old Anthony Newley-isms and mock-Cockney efforts, mixed with a pupal-stage incarnation of his “soul” croon and a few other abuses. To make things worse, he has the backing vocals bluntly and artlessly say what the original, and infinitely superior, Easybeats track only suggested. Mick Ronson and Aynsley Dunbar color within the lines. The nadir of a weak album.

Recorded July-early August 1973.

7 Responses to Friday On My Mind

  1. bluejean says:

    Funnily enough this and Sorrow are the only tracks I really like on Pin Ups – maybe because I had never heard the originals before Bowie’s versions

  2. Gee says:

    Bought Pin-Ups. Promptly sold it.
    Forgot about it. Not worthy of being reminded of.

    Let’s move on ….

  3. Rufus Oculus says:

    Perhaps it is a bit of my youth I am not ready to give up but I am flummoxed by the description of Pin Ups as weak. I bought both albums on release and it is hard to describe the excitement as each lp was likely to appeal to the same audience. If you followed Bowie you liked Roxy too. This though was my least favourite track as DB’s vocal contains too much condescension to the original.

  4. Rufus Oculus says:

    When I say both albums I mean Ferry’s These Foolish Things as well as Pin ups. Sorry it that was not clear.

  5. Chris says:

    I don’t get all this criticism of PinUps – it’s fast, exciting and has a great sound to it. Friday On My Mind is one of the standout tracks and Rosalyn is a genuine precursor to punk (you can almost guarantee that one artist the early punk bands had in common was Bowie). I was never a huge fan of Sorrow – I thought both that and Where Have All The Good Times Gone were maudlin and at odds with the amphetamine rush of the rest of the album. But to the stylus onto vinyl and hear opening guitar and vocal of FOMM – even now I get a shiver just thinking about it. Perfect getting ready to go out music – or maybe it’s just me.

  6. Chris says:

    Also – I don’t mind TFT but it’s a very different beast. You really can’t compare the two albums.

  7. I always have a lot of fun listening to Bowie’s Friday On My Mind. I love the original, but Bowie’s sound and performance are more clearly profiled, and have some contagious energy.

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