Man In the Middle

Man In the Middle.

If “Queen Bitch” was Bowie remaking the Velvet Underground in his own image, “Man In the Middle,” the proposed B-side of the unreleased second Arnold Corns single, is just a rank imitation. Bowie gets Freddi Buretti to do a fairly inspired mimicry of Lou Reed’s voice circa Loaded, complete with having Buretti sing “it’s the symbol of a new age.”

By the time the single was cut, the pointlessness of the Arnold Corns project was apparent and so Bowie wisely cut his losses and went to work on Ziggy Stardust. Buretti would design costumes for Bowie from the Ziggy to the Diamond Dogs eras, and then seems to have vanished from the public eye sometime around 1975.

Recorded 17 June 1971. Slated to be a single c/w “Looking For a Friend,” but never released.

Top: Seminal 1971 publication (is that a sacrificed raven?).

One Response to Man In the Middle

  1. Miranda says:

    “Beauty pays”, indeed.

    I cannot imagine that Bowie would have been half the legend he’s become had he not been as beautiful as he was.

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