Right On Mother

Right On Mother.

“Right On Mother” is something of an answer record to “Oh! You Pretty Things,” bridging the generation gap depicted in the latter. It’s also a happier remake of “Uncle Arthur,” in which the parent, rather than sabotaging her son’s relationship with his new girl, is instead welcoming of it.

Still, there’s also something disturbing about the song, whether in the boy’s elation that his mother knows “I’m a man!!!” or the last lines, where the singer apparently dumps his girl off so he can spend the night with mum.

Recorded ca. late 1970-January 1971 (some websites list it as a 1968 recording, which doesn’t seem to fit—it was obviously part of the demo package that Chrysalis Music sent to Peter Noone in late 1970/early ’71). Noone recorded it as the B-side to “Walnut Whirl” (RAK 121, October 1971) with Bowie on piano.

Top: “Shoreditch Street Washing,” 1971.


5 Responses to Right On Mother

  1. There is something extremely incestuous about the lyric to me that frankly makes it difficult to listen to without being a bit creeped out.

  2. Mother says:

    Love this song

  3. Mr Tagomi says:

    The verse is Frosty the Snowman, for me.

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