Did You Ever Have a Dream


Did You Ever Have a Dream.

Recorded in the second session for Bowie’s debut LP, “Did You Ever Have a Dream” only slipped out as a B-side almost a year later. It’s a bit odd that the track was so neglected as it’s one of the more straightforward pop songs Bowie recorded in the period, although its lyric is about the joys of astral projection.

Bowie could play both sides of the net at once: in the same session he lampooned ’60s hipsters with “Join the Gang,” he also dashed out a dippy song that seems desperately wedded to its period; it’s the sort of record that caters to the worst affectations of its audience.

Still, it’s fun enough in sparing doses. Inspirational verse: “You can walk around in New York while you sleep in Penge.

Recorded 24 November 1966 and released in July 1967 as the b-side to “Love You Till Tuesday”; on the Deram Anthology.

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  1. […] its concepts like reincarnation (see “Quicksand”), the Oversoul and astral projection (see “Did You Ever Have a Dream“), were essential to Bowie’s growth as a songwriter. Buddhism gave him a reservoir of imagery […]

    • Fascinating, how close he was to Buddhism. He inherited the best ways of the beat generation–the eternal searching and the occasional passionate finding.

  2. Toby says:

    arguably the worst Bowie song of all IMO, but love the subject matter and bathetic lyrics. Glad to have that clarified as “Penge” and “bed” as I’d lazily sung it

  3. Toby says:

    and not “bed, correction

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